The Peter Sheridan Low Flutes Opportunity Award supports and encourages education about and performance on low flutes (alto, bass, contrabass, or lower flutes) by providing funds to individuals who are committed to education about and performance on low flutes.

The first Peter Sheridan Low Flutes Opportunity Award will provide a $500 stipend to a middle, high school or collegiate level student residing in Wisconsin, to use toward instrument rental, lessons, performances, music, composition, or other similar activities whose main purpose is education and/or performance on low flutes.  

See complete Application Instructions or the announcement poster.

Note: the application deadline has been extended to January 16, 2017.

Peter Sheridan, an internationally renowned flutist specializing on low flutes, has pushed the boundaries of “how low can you go” with the commission of the world’s first fully chromatic hyperbass flute in 2010. His dedication to commissioning and performing new music on the low flutes has greatly increased the repertoire of music and his compelling performances have stimulated growing interest in the range of sounds and abilities of low flutes.
Peter Sheridan Low Flutes Opportunity Award
Peter Sheridan in his studio with some of his low flutes