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MFC Membership Policies

MS/HS Spring Youth Flute Choirs begin April 13, 2018 
  at Bethany United Methodist Church 3910 Mineral Point Rd, Madison  
  Great opportunity for area flute students to play in a flute choir setting. ​
Registration Form due April 6th, 2018

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MFC Chamber Audition Music Winter/Spring 2017

Recordings for MFC Spring 2017:

I Paused in the Woods  
A Brook's Tale
A Tree Speaks of Winter
A Bird's Tale
Squirrel Joy

Cloud Forms
Smoky Mountain Running Set
Beach Party
River Water
Beckett's Whisper

Recordings for Chamber Spring 2017:

Professional flute choir
Uptown Flutes

Tropical Flute Punch
Gulf Coast Flute Choir Florida
Pacific Flute Calypso
Flutes for Sail

Flutes and Vegetables
Heartland Flute choir
College Group

Chocolate Mousse
Pipe Dreams flute with Peter Sheridan
College Group
None at this time
MFC Concert Dress Code

MFC Winter/Spring 2017 Commitment Form 

MFC Chamber Ensemble Winter/Spring 2017 Commitment Form

MFC Fall 2016 Newsletter